en 10083 c45 e n

  • Standard:
  • Specification:
    Thickness: 6-420mm Width: 100-4200mm ... More
  • MOQ:
    1 tons.We also can accept sample order.
  • Material:
    P235GH/P265GH/P355GH/16Mo3/13CrMo4-5/10CrMo9-10/12CrMo9-10P275N/P355N/P460N/A516/SA302/A387/A516 ... More
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Main Steel Grade:
A36,SS400,S235JR,S355J2,S355JR,S355K2,S420N, S690Q,A283GRC, A572Gr70, A514GrF,A588GRA,A588GRB,S460Q,S690QL1,More Details, Kindly Check The Table As Follows.

ASTM A36/A36M: A283Grade A,A283Grade B,A283Grade C,A283Grade D,A36

ASTM A514/A514M:A514Grade A,A514Grade B,A514Grade CA514Grade E,A514Grade F,A514Grade H,A514Grade J,A514Grade K,A514Grade M,A514Grade P,A514Grade Q,A514Grade R,A514Grade S,A514Grade T,

ASTM A572/A572M:A572Grade 42,A572Grade 50,A572Grade 55,A572Grade 60,A572Grade 65,

ASTM A573/A573M:A573Grade 58,A573Grade 65,A573Grade 70,

ASTM A588/A588M:A588 Grade A,A588 Grade C,A588 Grade K,A588 Grade B

ASTM A633/A633M:A633Grade A,A633Grade C,A633Grade D,A633Grade E,

ASTM A656/A656M:A656Grade 50,A656Grade 60,A656Grade 70,A656Grade 80,

ASTM A709/A709M:A709Grade 36,A709Grade 50,A709Grade 50S,A709Grade 50W,A709Grade HPS50W,A709Grade HPS70W,A709 Grade 100,A709Grade 100W,A709Grade HPS100W,


ASME SA283/SA283M:SA283Grade A,SA283Grade B,SA283Grade C,SA283Grade D,

ASME SA514/SA514M:SA514Grade A,SA514Grade B,SA514Grade C,SA514Grade E,SA514Grade M,SA514Grade P,SA514Grade Q,SA514Grade R,SA514Grade S,SA514Grade T,

ASME SA572/SA572M:SA572Grade 42,SA572Grade 50,SA572Grade 55,SA572Grade 60,SA572Grade 65,

ASME SA573/SA573M:SA573Grade 58,SA573Grade 65,SA573Grade 70,

ASME SA588/SA588M:SA588 Grade A,SA588 Grade B,SA588 Grade C,SA588 Grade K,

ASME SA633/SA633M:SA633Grade A,SA633Grade C,SA633Grade D,SA633Grade E,

ASME SA656/SA656M:SA656Grade 50,SA656Grade 60,SA656Grade 70,SA656Grade 80

ASME SA709/SA709M:SA709Grade 36,SA709Grade 50,SA709Grade 50S,SA709Grade 50W,SA709Grade HPS50W,SA709Grade HPS70W,SA709Grade 100,SA709Grade 100W,SA709Grade HPS100W,





JIS G3101:SS330,SS400,SS490,SS540,

JIS G3106:SM400A,SM400B,SM400C,SM490A,SM490B,SM490C,SM490YA,SM490YB,SM520B,SM520C,SM570,

DIN 17100:St37-2,USt37-2,RSt37-2,St37-3,St52-3,





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M7-1679-30/6M7-22 REXROTH德国力士乐 订货号型

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【微星 770-C45】价格_图片_参数_点评_评测_主板报价

it168为您提供【微星 770-c45】最新报价145元,同时提供【微星 770-c45】图片,配置,点评,评测等信息


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Nov 25, 2011· 45Mn钢板-45Mn钢板,50Mn钢板,40Mn钢板,35Mn钢板,30Mn钢板,20Mn钢板,16Mn钢板,15Mn钢板 材料名称:45Mn优质碳素结构

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c后的数字表示平均含碳量,e也就是供货是经过正火处理的. 优质碳素结构钢:c45(1.0503) 执行标准:en 10083/2-1991. 作者


Founder CEB 2.50U k -Ì ìÌ ˜Ì


Mar 21, 2011· 本标准现已被din en 10083-96 c45. 1.0503. 0.42


照 片 姓名:= 刘纯玉= 照 片 姓名:= 红 巴 民族:= 汉族 民族:= 藏族 职务:= 快 = 572;玛乡党委


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汽车圆柱齿轮 (定稿) - nbzj.gov.cn

5.2.1 齿轮材料应符合 gb/t 5216 、cgma 001-1、din en 10083 及 din en 10084

合金结构钢_互动百科 - baike.com

Oct 11, 2015· 采标名称AdoptedInternational Standard Name:DIN EN 10083 除Co外,几乎所有合金元素如 Mn、Mo、Cr、Ni、Si和C、N、B等都能提高

DEUTSCHENORMOctoberD - 爱问共享资料

关于DIN EN 10083-2-2006 英文版 Steel for quenching and tempering Part 2 Technical delivery conditions for non alloy steels.pdf文档,爱问共享资料拥有


Mar 25, 2011· 钢板EN10025/舞钢钢铁/S355NL/S355J2+N/德标钢板/s355j2g3_崔东旭_新浪博客,崔东旭,

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Liu Rong-fang 1, Chen Hong-han 1, Wang Yan-liang 2 , Liu Fei 1. 1 Beijing Key Laboratory of Water Resources and Engineering, China University of Geosciences

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焊接性细晶粒钢(n) nf en 10028-3-92 bs 970 part 1,3 bs en 10083-1,2: din 17210 din en 10083-1,2: c45: 1045: 1c45:

Drupa 2008:展览会参展商完全名单(五)-Drupa,参展商

E-P Equipment Co., Ltd. PRC. EAE Ewert Ahrensburg Electronic GmbH. D. AHRENSBURG. 16 B77. Eagle System. USA. OCEAN, NJ 07712. 17 C45. EASTECH USA INC. USA. EN

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Steel processing product Applicaiton industries

Main Steel Grade: A36,SS400,S235JR,S355J2,S355JR,S355K2,S420N, S690Q,A283GRC, A572Gr70, A514GrF,A588GRA,A588GRB,S460Q,S690QL1,More Details, Kindly Check The Table As Follows.

Steel processing product applicaiton is widely,used in many industries.

Electric power field

Bridges and Construction steel structure

Auto parts

Pressure Vessels

Offshore operation equipment

Mechanical parts

Engineering machinery equipment

Steel Processing Equipmen

  • Heat treatment furnace

    Heat treatment furnace

  • Boring machine

    Boring machine

  • CNC milling machine

    CNC milling machine

  • Bending machine

    Bending machine

  • Plasma cutting machine

    Plasma cutting machine

  • Flame cutting machine

    Flame cutting machine

  • Press machine

    Press machine

  • Submerged arc welding machine

    Submerged arc welding machine

  • Surface grinder

    Surface grinder

  • 500T Punching machine

    500T Punching machine

OEM/ODM Service

OEM/ODM Service

Known as a large ODM enterprise, BBN steel can provide OEM and ODM service for different companies according to their demands. Our company will adopt advanced vertical machining center, and various advanced precision machining equipments, certified by ISO9001, ISO14001 and PED. Our machining steel products have been exported to many countries all over the world./p>

BBN Services

  • Technical evaluation

    Technical evaluation

  • Production Schedule

    Production Schedule

  • Production Tracking

    Production Tracking

  • Quality Control Team

    Quality Control Team

  • Toothed finishing

    Toothed finishing

  • Inspection in lab

    Inspection in lab

  • Booking shipping space

    Booking shipping space

  • Documents Confirmation

    Documents Confirmation

  • Shipping track

    Shipping track

  • After sales service

    After sales service

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